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Using the basic details a customer provides. Pension App contacts pension providers where it believes there is a reasonable chance of that customer having a pension held there. Pension app will request up to date balances from these providers and that the pensions are transferred to Pension App. The customer will be able to keep track of the whole process and monitor the value of their pension via their Pension App account.

Pension App will not be able to transfer the following pension types: Defined benefits (final salary) pensions Current workplace pensions where your CURRENT employer is contributing. Public sector pensions such as NHS or Police. Pension App may not be able to transfer any pensions that contain exit fees or special benefits. (Pension App will not check for these but any transfers applied for may be refused for those reasons)

Once your pensions are transferred to your Pension App account, your current providers will stop deducting fees. Pension App will deduct 0.7% per year. In each year that you withdraw funds, an additional £70 charge will apply. With pensions, your capital is at risk.

This product is for customers looking for pension consolidation, a simple app-based service with a medium to high risk appetite.

Yes. Pension App customers who are at retirement age and wanting to access some or all of their pension should contact us on chat support or email. We recommend taking advice from a qualified financial adviser before withdrawing funds.

Pension App currently only supports transfers in from existing pension accounts. The ability for a customer to make one off or regular contributions should be available at some point in 2023

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