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Pension App finds lost pensions.

Pension app automatically finds all of your pensions and combines them into one effective pension plan, that you can keep track of, right at your fingertips.

Authorised & Regulated
by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Join the thousands of customers who have already found their lost pensions.

We help people find, combine and optimise their pensions using our IOS & Android App as well as our Web app

We won’t ask you to phone your old employers or search through old paperwork to find your policy numbers! We do it all for you. Simply register with us and we’ll the do rest.

You will see your up-to-date pension valuation inside our web & mobile app whenever you feel like it. You can now have confidence for the future as your watch your pension grow!

We have made it even easier for you to make Withdrawal and Contribution requests via our Web & Mobile app. Simply fill out the form and we will handle your request within 24 hours.


1 in 3 people don't know where their current or past pensions are.

Pension App makes it quick and easy for you to find all of your pensions and keep an eye on them in our Web and Mobile App

Become a

Pension Master.

Take control of your pension today.

Simply sign up with Pension App today and let it do all the hard work looking for your pensions.

Once we find them we will combine them into your pension app account so you can easily see how you pensions are performing.

You are now a pension master! You can now rest assured knowing your retirement is in good hands.

How it works.

step 1


Sign up for our Pension App service with a quick and easy online form.


step 2

Create an

After completing the registration form you will be sent an email with your account details to log in with.


step 3

Login to
the App

You have now created an account! You are ready to find your pensions and view them all inside our Web & Mobile App.


Download the Mobile App.

Find lost pensions directly from your phone. Take control of your pension today and download our Mobile app that lets you see up-to-date valuations, track pensions and make withdrawals/contributions.


Pension App does it all.

Take back control of your pensions today. Download our Mobile App and start finding your lost pensions. You could have thousands unclaimed.