Fees Guide


Pension App Fees Guide

This is an important document which sets out how the Pension App Pension Scheme fees and charges work. Our fees are simple, easy to understand and are the same for every customer, so all customers are treated fairly with having the fees and service. The tracing and transferring of you old schemes has no charge, once they are transferred the annual management fee applies.


Annual Management Fee

Once your pensions are transferred to your Pension App Pension Scheme, your current provider’s fees & charges will stop being deducted. Pension App will then only charge 0.70% per year. The fees will be calculated and deducted monthly from your Pension App Pension Scheme.


Transferring to Internal Funds

We currently only offer the Pension App Pension Scheme Balanced portfolio, but once we have further schemes available there will be no charge to transfer.


Benefit Withdrawal Fee

From Minimum Pension Age you are able to access your benefits. If you would like to take benefits when you reach the Minimum Pension Age, please contact Pension App Via email or chat support. An additional charge of £70 will apply in each year that you withdraw funds.


Transferring Out

There is no charge to transfer away from the Pension App Pension Scheme to another Scheme or Provider.